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Upstreet CDs & Videos including Doc Watson, Pete Seeger, Dave Van Ronk, Michael "Beausoleil" Doucet, Jane Sapp & the Dream Project, Vermont Old-Time Music, Don Fields & His Pony Boys, Lafe, Andy Cohen, The Unbroken Circle    more  NEW: Buddy Truax CD -- "a phenomenally talented player" --Dan Bolles, 7 Days
Upstreet News:Buddy Truax; Green Mt. Chronicles; Tribute to Mike Seeger; Central Vermont celebrates Pete Seeger’s 90th Birthday; Jerry Willard podcast (Lyrichord)
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American Music~Roots & Branches~for Concerts, Clubs, Schools, Coffee Houses, Special Occasions.
 more for music samples & here for Woody Guthrie Show information.
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Live Music is Best!   more
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Original songs & tunes - with lyrics and audio samples.  more
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Radio * Video * Soundtracks * Audio Press Kits  more
The American Music Workshop
Programs & Residencies in American Music, Culture, & Diversity   more
in Culture, History, & the Humanities   more
Chasing the Blues
A Travel-Study excursion to Memphis & the Mississippi Delta   more
Mark Greenberg
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Photo Bio
Mark's musical adventures   more
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