Mark Greenberg is an educator, writer, musician, and media and concert producer. He has taught Humanities & American Studies at Goddard College and the University of Vermont and was former Director of the Montpelier Educational Facility and Onion River Arts Council. Mark has produced recordings for leading folk artists including Pete Seeger, Doc Watson, Dave Van Ronk, Jane Sapp, and Michael “Beausoleil” Doucet, along with radio and video documentaries for National Public Radio, the Vermont Historical Society, and others. He was the editor of, and a writer for, The JVC-Smithsonian Folkways Video Anthologies of Music and Dance of the Americas, Europe, and Africa. His recordings have received a Grammy Nomination, NAIRD Award, and awards from Parents’ Choice and the American Library Association.


KITCHEN TUNKS & PARLOR SONGS: Old-Time Music in Vermont*


From 1983-6, Mark traveled throughout Vermont seeking, interviewing, and recording Vermont old-time, grass roots musicians, resulting in a video documentary, The Unbroken Circle (1985), and a CD anthology, Vermont: Kitchen Tunks & Parlor Songs (2003). In this presentation, Mark discusses Vermont’s old-time music and his experiences searching for it and collecting oral histories in Vermont and plays excerpts from the video and CD to illustrate both how home-made music survived in the 20th century and how it was affected by that century’s social and technological developments.

“[The Unbroken Circle is] a must-see for all who care about traditional music.”
-VT Vanguard Press

“More than any other single recording [Kitchen Tunks & Parlor Songs] reveals that these Green Mountains are alive with music.”
-The Times Argus


* Fee support is available for qualifying Vermont organizations through the Vermont Humanities Council Speakers’ Bureau: (802) 262-2626.

THE GREEN MOUNTAIN CHRONICLES A wide range of Vermonters recall the people, events, and developments that shaped Vermont in the 20th century. Topics include: The Flood of ’27 * The 1st Telephones * The Great Depression * President Calvin Coolidge * Women Get the Vote * The Early Days of Radio * Robert Frost  Fee support available for qualifying Vermont organizations through the Vermont Humanities Council Speakers’ Bureau: (802) 262-2626.

VOICES IN THE HILLS: VERMONTERS & THEIR WORK 27 Vermonters speak with candor and humor about their occupations and their lives—including a farmer, teacher, factory worker, butcher, minister, granite worker, office worker, and logging camp cook.


THE HERO’S TALE: HOMER’S ODYSSEY How the concept and representation of the hero changed from the Iliad to the Odyssey, with special focus on the role of the story itself in Homer’s 2nd epic.  

  In his music and writing, Woody Guthrie chronicled the devastation of the great dust storms and Great Depression and the migration of thousands of destitute families to California in search of a new life. This program is an excellent complement to discussions of The Grapes of Wrath and other Depression-era literature.

LEROI JONES’ BLUES PEOPLE (recommended text: Blues People, by LeRoi Jones/Amari Baraka) A critical look at the first major cultural study of the blues by an African American. With audio & video musical examples. This program is an excellent complement to discussions of Invisible Man and other African American literature.

THE HARLEM RENAISSANCE & THE BLUES (recommended text: The Harlem Renaissance Reader, Ed. by David Levering Lewis) A critical look at the relationship of leading Harlem Renaissance figures, including Du Bois, Hurston, Schuyler, and Hughes, to the seminal African American art form—the blues. With audio & video musical examples.

FROM “I’LL BE ALL RIGHT” TO “WE SHALL OVERCOME”--The Music of the Civil Rights Movement The Civil Rights Movement has been called “the greatest singing movement” in American history. This program presents authentic recordings of singing at Civil Rights rallies and at meetings in Southern churches, then traces these songs to their origins in earlier African-American music, particularly the spirituals of the Civil War era to see how music can both reflect and affect social change and awareness.

Special programs are also available by request.
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