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"The kind of teaching one imagines in one's most idealistic dreams."-Michael Schwartz, Clockworks

"Mark Greenberg gets to the heart of peoples' lives....His projects expand our understanding of our culture and all cultures."-Liz Snell, Teacher, Union 32 High School

This Is Folk Music Level: K-4, adaptable; Areas: Social studies/History, Language, Music
This program uses live singing and playing (guitar, banjo, mandolin, autoharp, percussion) to illustrate how folk songs tell stories, chronicle events, express personal feelings, and provide entertainment. Students ask and answer questions, help make up songs, and sing and clap along.

Sample songs: New River Train * This Land is Your Land * When We First Came to This Land * Oh Freedom * School Yard Blues

This program can be tailored to fit particular curriculum units in social studies, history, language, and the arts.

The Roots of Rock & Roll Level: Middle School, High School; Areas: Social Studies/History, African-American Culture, Music
Rock & Roll, the music of adolescent energy and rebellion, is built on the blues, the essential musical expression of African-American experience. This program uses Rock & Roll to look at the origins and growth of the blues and to help students understand that their music and the rock music industry owe their very existences to the struggles of black Americans. Music includes demonstration of the basic blues/rock musical form and recordings of '50s rock, electric and acoustic blues, work songs, field hollers, and African antecedents.

Woody Guthrie: America's Balladeer Levels: All; Areas: American History, Language, Biography, Music
In his music and writing, Woody Guthrie chronicled the devastation of the great dust storms and Great Depression and the migration of thousands of destitute families to California in search of a new life. Many of his songs became part of America's musical vocabulary, and he has influenced a whole generation of songwriters from Bob Dylan to Bruce Springsteen.
Sample songs: This Land is Your Land * So Long It's Been Good to Know You * Howdjado * Talking Dust Bowl * Tom Joad * Pastures of Plenty .
A live performance, with slides, of Guthrie's writings and songs is also available or can be created with students through a residency.

From "I'll Be All Right" to "We Shall Overcome"--Music of the Civil Rights Movement Level: Middle School, High School; Areas: American/African-American History, Music
The Civil Rights Movement has been called "the greatest singing movement" in American history. In this program students hear authentic recordings of singing at Civil Rights rallies and at meetings in Southern churches. They then trace these songs to their origins in earlier African-American music, particularly the spirituals of the Civil War era to see how music can both reflect and affect social change and awareness.

Sample songs: I'll Be All Right * We Shall Overcome * Oh Freedom * Follow the Drinkin' Gourd * I'll Fly Away * Go Down, Moses * This Little Light of Mine

Special Residency!!!!

The Dream Project: Empowering Youth through the Arts Facilitated by Jane Sapp & Mark Greenberg Levels: All; Areas: Cultural Identity, Diversity, Language, Music, Autobiography, Songwriting

The Dream Project helps young people use their creativity and innate knowledge to discover their intellectual and creative strength and their ability to make a contribution to their communities. It provides a tool through which young people can find their voices, speak their truths, and discover their power. The 1994-5 Dream Project resulted in 21 children from 6 states recording their songs on We've All Got Stories, on Rounder Kids Records (CD 8035).
In this residency, noted educator-musician Jane Sapp will lead students through the process of collaboratively writing songs on topics of their choosing. Mark Greenberg will document the process and performance, resulting in a recording of the new songs and other songs learned from Jane.

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