Woody Guthrie The Not-So-Annual
Woody Guthrie
Tribute Show
(an Upstreet Productions production)

Back around 1990, the Pyralisk Art Center in Montpelier, VT. asked me to help put together a Woody Guthrie Birthday Concert, with a bunch of local musicians singing Woody's songs. The next year, I went a step further, and added narration from Woody's writings. The year after that I added slides, first on one screen, then on two--photos of Woody, of migrant workers, and other images that helped tell Woody's story. That show--with a flexible cast of musicians and shifting narrative structure--became a central Vermont tradition. We also presented it at a local high school and at Goddard College. Then, in 1997, for no particular reason, it went on hiatus......until now, when we're ready to take it, fittingly, on the road.

We are: Coco Kallis, Paul Miller, Ben Koenig, Lafe Dutton,
Donny Ossman,
Mark Greenberg, & Special Guests

Listen to clips from past Woody tributes by clicking on one of these

For bookings and other info, contact me--Mark Greenberg--at markgvt@adelphia.net.

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Learn more about Woody from the Woody Guthrie Foundation's Web site.

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