The World of Bass, Violin, Viola, Cello, & Bows


maker of fine stringed instruments
bow specialist

Born in Chicago, IL, Bob became interested in music and how things work at an early age.

Beginning with jazz, his musical interests soon stretched to include classical music and bluegrass.

After graduating from Italy’s famed Cremona School of Liuteria, he continued studying double bass making in Ascoli Piceno, Italy. Further studies have taken him to Lodz, Poland, and Mirecourt and Paris, France. Bob's teachers were Gia Batta Morassi, P. Sgarabotto, and C. Castelli (Italy) and F. Bissolotti and Jan Kudanowsky (Poland)
Bob has expertise in all string instruments, including piano. But he has devoted most of his time to the double bass. While a student in Cremona, Bob completed his first bass—a copy of a rather large model found in the school's museum. At that time, Bob did not realize that he was resurrecting an art long missing in the city of violins, violas, and celli. Now basses are again being made in Cremona, and Bob feels he has made a contribution to this exciting town and its art.

Bob specializes in bows. He has a working relationship with Lynn Armour Hannings and a dozen others who make bows in the French tradition of Peccatte, Sartory, and Phretzschner. They meet twice a year at California Lutheran University where they make bows until they drop.



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