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by Carolyn Kallis
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1. First you wash a can; then you squash a can.
Then you put it in a bag where you have lots of cans.
Then you take it right down to the recycling bin.
You open up the bag and you throw them right in.

We recycle when we can.
Why put it in the dump if you can use it again?

2. When you drink all the juice out of the plastic jugs,
You line them all up on the dining room rug.
You tie them all together with a piece of string;
You take them to the bin and you throw them right in.


3. When everybody's finished with the daily news,
You put them in a stack 'til you have quite a few.
You tie them all up and you take them to the bin;
You lift them up high and you put them right in.


4. Peanut butter, honey, anything that comes in glass;
When it's empty we can use it, so don't put it in the trash.
Separate the colors into clear and brown and green;
Take them to the bin and put them right in.


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