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by Mark Greenberg,
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1. The snow was falling bright through the lamplight that night
The smell of chimney smoke was all around
When Sylvia and Jack, collecting bottles to bring back
Heard the sounds of that Old Montpelier Waltz.

2. It drifted in the breeze, through the leafless maple trees
From the fancy ball where everyone was warm
Where the fine folks danced and dined with their creme brulee and wine
To the sounds of that Old Montpelier Waltz.

The band was playing sweet and mellow melodies
As the dancers glided smoothly ‘round the room
And the favorite song of all in that gay and carefree hall
Was the tune they called that Old Montpelier Waltz.

3. Now Sylvia and Jack lived by the railroad track
A mile from the center of the town
They needed every cent they earned just to pay their rent
As they listened to that Old Montpelier Waltz

4. But the music in the air was as free as it was rare
So they stopped and grinned and took each other’s hand
And as the snowflakes fell, they felt the music’s spell
And started dancing to that Old Montpelier Waltz.


5. They warmed their frozen feet as they sashayed ‘cross the street
Humming to a band they couldn’t see
In the snowy streetlight glow, they glided to and fro
To the sounds of that Old Montpelier Waltz.

6. Even when the band was done, they dipped and twirled and spun
Far from all the fancy food and clothes
Then they bowed and went back to the work they had to do
Remembering that Old Montpelier Waltz.


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