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By Mark Greenberg
© Upstreet Music/BMI

1. It was once in a lifetime– that day that they met
Standing out cold in the snow.
Waiting for busses that hadn’t come yet
With another whole lifetime to go.
“Looks like they’re late,” he said, checking his watch.
She said, “Are you speaking to me?”
And later, whenever they made love and laughed
They knew it was all meant to be.

2. Their children all heard how the busses were late
And the grandchildren heard it all too.
And as she lay dying, he thought of the day
When the life they’d been living was new.
“It was once in a lifetime,” he says every night.
“That day that we met in the snow.”
And he still hears her saying, “Are you speaking to me?”
But that was a lifetime ago.                                        

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