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IF WE DON'T FIX IT (Nobody Else Will)
By Carolyn Kallis and Mark Greenberg
© Upstreet Music/BMI

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1. This big old planet that we live on,
What in the world is going wrong?
The water's slimy. The trees are bare.
The weather's whacky. There's crud in the air
We can blame it on power. We can blame it on greed.
I can blame it on you; You can blame it on me.
We could call for the doctor. We could call for the nurse.
We could wait for tomorrow, And watch it get worse.

But if we don't fix it, nobody else will.
If we don't fix it, nobody else will (2x)

2. This big old planet, home sweet home
If we don't watch it, it'll soon be gone.
The jungle's shrinking. The dumps are packed.
The rain's gone sour. The ozone's cracked.
So who's gonna save it, the President?
The United Nations? The government?
The big corporations? X,Y,Z?
We all gotta do it -- You and me.                                   

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