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by Mark Greenberg
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1. Just a notice in the paper;
Just a sign upon the local country store.
Everyone's invited for a bargain,
From among the dusty rooms & mildewed drawers --
In the house where no one's living anymore.

Bidding on a painted rocker,
Chipped old crocks, worn feather pillows, ivory comb;
Gathered here are friends and neighbors,
Come to see what's there tho they already know
From their visits when the old folks still were home. 

Faded Prints of Country Living
That once hung on the wall--
In the sunlight now the auction man is urging one and all
To help him empty out the quiet house where folks lived 'til last fall
Where they worked so hard to buy the things he's selling.

2. Now out back men folks are pickin’
Through the rusted tools he used for Sunday fixin';
While on its shelf, the vase she won
In '45 for bakin' pies is waitin' for fifty cents to carry it away.

And the kids are eatin' hot dogs
And climbin' in the maple by the parlor.
Some ladies look at linens
Wonderin' if a home-made quilt is worth a dollar,
Although it's pretty musty and quite frayed.


3. Just a moon above the mountains
Grass still trampled where the folks sat on th lawn
In their homes now, happy buyers
Makin' spaces for the new things to belong
'Til the auction man comes 'round to pass them on.

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