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WE'RE ALL DIFFERENT (But We're All the Same)
Words by Mark Greenberg and Natessa Romano
Music by Mark Greenberg
© Upstreet Music/BMI

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1.Some hair is red; some hair is purple.
You can ride on a horse; you can play with a turtle.
Some people like sugar; and some maple surple.
We’re all different, you know.

2. Some people are tall; some people are shorter.
Some people people are sons; some people are daughters.
Some people drink milk; some people drink water.

We’re all different, but we’re all the same.
We all have a heart, we all have a brain.
We get hot in the sun and cold in the rain.

3. Some people are thin; some people are burly.
Some people sleep late and others rise early.
Some people are straight; some people are curly.

4. Some people like puppies; some people like kittens.
Some people like gloves, and some prefer mittens.
Some people like standin’, and others like sittin’.
We’re ..............


5. Some people play banjos; some people play fiddles.
Some people like puzzles; some people like riddles.
Some people like doodles, but others like diddles.

6. Some people like music; some people like movies.
Some people are square; some people are groovy.
Some people are Jewish; some people are Suffis.


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