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by M. Greenbererg
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1. Last summer was a hot one;
It sizzled and we stewed
The air was thick and muggy;
We needed something cool to do
So we headed for the water, a
And for some sandy ground
But when we reached the nearest beach,
Here is what we found:

" Keep off the beach. Stay off the beach. This beach is closed today
The water's full of garbage; this beach is closed today." (repeat)

2. We went on a vacation
Up to Alaska fair
To see the crystal waters
And breathe the Arctic air.
We went down to the coastline
To walk the craggy shore;
But the rocks were black, and looking back,
This sign is what we saw:

"Stay off the rocks. Keep off the rocks. These rocks are closed today
We spilled a little oil. These rocks are closed today." (2x)

3. We found a beach that's open.
"Clean enough" they said.
But watch out for the hot sun.
It'll turn you worse than red.
There's a hole in the ozone layer,
Way up in the atmosphere,
That lets in rays (even on cloudy days)
So cover up -- you hear?

Watch out for the sun. Keep out of the sun.  Stay out of the sun today.
The ozone layer's damaged. Stay out of the sun today.   (2x)

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